Nothing Changes

I don’t know why I am surprised by the current re-call attempt by some Michigan voters of Gov. Rick Snyder. So let’s break it down.

Every politician runs on “change”. It is the rally cry that brings out the voters. High taxes. Change. High unemployment. Change. Foreign Policy fumbles. Change. Don’t like the way the Present dresses. Change.

American voters love change, so much so that we will vote for anyone. I believe the majority of voters back the change movement because, deep down, we know nothing will change. Obama, Bush, Clinton. It doesn’t matter. We don’t want change. We want comfort. REAL change means we, as Americans, must be ready to tighten our belts. We must be willing to do without. Cuts in popular programs and decreased spending by our government are examples of where “change” must start.

Ok, I suck with money but even I know when you are 3 months behind on your car payment you don’t go out and spend your paycheck on a brand new entertainment center complete with 70in plasma HD TV. Sooner or later the bank will repossess your car.

Now here comes Rick Snyder. He is going to fix Michigan. Another agent of “change”? Not quite. While I did not vote for him, I see what he is trying to do. Take money from existing programs to try and rebuild the Michigan economy and people don’t like it.

So ask yourself, if the money doesn’t come from existing programs, where does it come from?
Higher taxes?
Government bailout?
Maybe Canada can pay us to take their trash.
Maybe we can grow a big money tree.

I may not completely agree with all of Rick Snyder’s ideas, but at least he is willing and ready to take the risk. ONLY when politicians stop thinking about the popularity contest that our elections have become and ONLY when the American population is ready to tighten their belts and go without will we see real change.

The question now is, how much are you willing to give up to make Michigan, or whatever state you are living in, successful and strong again?