3 Must See Horror Movie DVD’s

Or maybe I should say mustn’t see. It all depends on whether or not you like B rated, campy horror films. If you do, then you just might love these three movies, all available from http://mvdb2b.com/

Bong of the Dead– Zombies, pot and stoners. How can you go wrong? Save the world, and grow some super pot fertilized by zombie brains. Who’d have thunk it?

Where the Dead Go To Die– A trip of a movie done in an intriguing style. And a talking dog? Wow. You may want some acid for this one, or maybe not. Kids are haunted, the lunar eclipse is coming and who wants to go to hell?

House of Flesh Mannequins–  An award winning film full of gore, sex and torture. A mixture of voyeurism and sleep deprivation leads one man down an interesting, and bloody, path.