MACHINE HEAD Kicks-Off String of In- Person, Open to the Public Listening Events to Launch ‘Unto The Locust’ in Los Angeles

MACHINE HEAD kicks off a string of listening events in celebration of the much anticipated release of their new album, Unto The Locust, on September 27th. The first event takes place today in Los Angeles at On The Rox (The Roxy, upstairs) and the other events will take place in New York, Chicago and their hometown, Oakland, California, in the coming days. These events provide fans with an opportunity to celebrate the album’s release with the band and hear the acclaimed new album in its entirety, already being hailed by music journalists world wide as MACHINE HEAD’s best offering to date.

MACHINE HEAD will join fans, friends and industry at all four events, each unique in its own way, but every one promises to be a night to remember. ** Please note, MACHINE HEAD will not be performing at any of the events.** Says vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn of the festivities, “There are listening parties being held for this release all over the world, but we felt that putting a handful of events together here in the States and attending them ourselves would be a great way to give our fans and friends across the country a chance to hear the album before its release, and us a chance to hang with all of them as that’s happening. We can’t wait!”

These events will be free to attend, but space is limited at some of these venues so please arrive early to ensure entry. To sweeten these events, Unto The Locust will be available for purchase at the Oakland, New York and Chicago parties and a limited number of t-shirts have been produced specifically for each event by Full Metal Jackie, presenter at the Los Angeles event. Some of the first fans to arrive at each of the four events will receive one of the t-shirts for free. All events will also have a limited number of free posters. Hails and Horns Magazine will be giving out copies of their magazine and a number of free subscriptions at the Oakland event.

All of the events will have drink specials and the band’s videographer will be on hand to document what promises to be a great night for the fans and MACHINE HEAD!

The dates for all four events are open to the public and are without a cover charge:

Thursday, September 22nd – Los Angeles, CA – On The Rox (upstairs at The Roxy Theatre), 9009 West Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Presented by Full Metal Jackie – 10:00 PM, 21 & Over.

Saturday, September 24th – New York, NY – Last Rites Tattoo Theatre & Gallery, 511 West 33rd St, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10001

9:00 PM, All Ages

Sunday, September 25th – Chicago, IL – Exit, 1315 West North Ave, Chicago, Il 60622

**NEW TIME** Presented by The Chicago Metal Factory – 10:00 PM, 21 & Over.

Tuesday, September 27th – Oakland, CA – Oakland Metro Operahouse, 630 3rd St, Oakland, CA 94607

8:00 PM, All Ages.

Check out what the press is saying about MACHINE HEAD’s Unto The Locust!

“TRULY iconic metal bands come along only once or twice in each generation, and if Metallica and Slayer are the groups who stand tallest from the 1980s, then surely Machine Head are their 1990s equivalents. Unto The Locust is a storm of complex arrangements and riffs, compiled by musicians who have gained absolute command of their vision. It’s a breathtaking work.”

Unto The Locust is a candidate for album of the year. The expectations have been colossal, but Unto The Locust is even bigger.” – Metal Hammer Magazine (Germany)

“…Unto the Locust is a sequel to The Blackening. But it’s a sequel in the same sense that The Dark Knight is a sequel to Batman Begins—it kind of makes you forget the previous entry even happened.” – Decibel Magazine

“Machine Head are a riff fest, a constant flowing heavy metal river of guitar parts that would throw the most mellow headbanger into fits of uncontrolled bobbing.”–

“A few hundred words here can barely scratch the surface of the twisting, turning treats offered by Unto The Locust. Whether you get off on the prog of Dream Theater, the thrash of Slayer or the festival-thrilling enormo-metal of modern day Maiden and Metallica, you need this album in your collection… Unto The Locust will surely see Machine Head finally claim their rightful status as worldwide headliners.” – (Heavy Metal)

“If The Blackening was Machine Head’s …And Justice For All, then Unto The Locust just may be the band’s Master of Puppets: a near flawless example of how exciting modern metal can be when placed into the hands of true, passionate professionals.” –

Unto The Locust contains enough brilliance to satisfy even the most jaded of metal heads… Unto the Locust is one of 2011’s essential albums.” –

“A modern metal masterpiece.” – (Rock Music in NY)

“Music-wise, the band has collectively outdone everything they’ve done in the past… in my opinion, Unto The Locust is all set to stand firm as the best album of Machine Head’s career… album of the year, without a doubt.”  –

“Words like “masterpiece” and “epic” seem to be used very loosely these days, but there isn’t a Thesaurus entry big enough to expound the number of clichés necessary to give this album justice.” – Shockblast Media


“Passionate, adventurous and intensely dynamic, Unto the Locust not only ups the ante on The Blackening, it presents Machine Head in an entirely new level of songwriting without sacrificing any of the band’s heaviness. Classical guitars serve not only as intros to pounding anthems, but as emotional segues between musical shades. Rhythms range from bold, yet traditional to angular and experimental, and beats run the gamut from shuffling to blasting, with enough tumbling fills from drummer Dave McClain to rival Rush’s Neil Peart. As a vocalist, Robb Flynn has never sounded better, transitioning between melancholy reflection and raw-throated rage as the songs demand, refusing to resort to ripping verse, melodic chorus cliches. Similarly, the guitar solos are carefully assembled and top-notch, whether slow and moody or lightening-fast and adrenaline-pumping, serving, not as self-indulgent devices, but bridges between painstakingly constructed song sections. Despite the challenging arrangements, Unto the Locust is insanely memorable, with immediate guitar hooks and harmonies typing together the many unconventional constructs, making eight-minute epics seem like three-minute sing-alongs. Unto the Locust isn’t just a great album, it’s an important statement that metal doesn’t have to fall into trite categories or draw from pre-existing formulas to be accessible. And bands can even insert vocal choirs, string quartet and children’s singing and remain brutal. Machine Head may have more surprises in store in the coming years. Even so, in terms of quality and significance, Unto the Locust may well be this decade’s Master of Puppets.” –Jon Wiederhorn  (Louder Than Hell, Revolver and Guitar World, Rolling Stone, Spin, Entertainment Weekly)