Six ‘B’ Movies To Watch This Spring

Leave it to MVD for the best of the worst. Here are briefs on 6 movies you might want to see. Some are horror and some are just horrible!

“Of Dolls & Murder”

This is a documentary about a morbid old lady who made dioramas of murder using dolls and doll houses. She was CSI before there was a CSI. She recreated murders with innocent doll victims and murderous killer dolls. She designed it, blood and guts. Topping off this documentary classic is the fact that it is narrated by John Waters!


Don’t let the fact that claustrophobia is spelled wrong keep you from watching this horror movie treasure. A young girl is kidnapped and tortured, but did she put herself in that position. I mean, she has reservations about her new landlord and neighbor, yet she STILL moved in. Well, diabolic things are afoot and the only way you are going to find out what they are is by watching this movie!


“Clown Hunt”

Leave it to the Texans to come up with such a new fun game of hunting. Well, the Texans in this fictional tale anyway. There’s a new game in town; hunting clowns. You’ve got to admit, there has been at least one time you wanted to kill a clown. This movie can help you realize your dreams, without actually murdering anyone. Come on, clowns are people too!


“American Reel”

Drama, music, David Carradine, Mariel Hemingway…. who could ask for anything more? Great music, great story. If you are a dreamer then you need to see this. If you think your dreams can’t come true you need to see this. Find inspiration in a little film today!


“The Museum of Wonders”

Of all of the movies in the article, so far, this has to be one of my favorites. If you like twisted freaks you will love this movie. If you like naughty women and people with strange body modification you will love this movie. Circus freaks rule in this stellar film.


“Planet of the Vampire Women”

And here I saved the best for last. Hot, nude, vampire women. Blood and gore. No “B” movie fan will be able to resist this classic. These scantily clad babes has Dracula beat, hands down!