Aaron Peta: I’m Not A Hipster

Canadian singer songwriter Aaron Peta has an interesting sound on his CD I’m Not A Hipster. Interesting and different than the music that is popular right now, making it both refreshing and odd. This is the type of music that you would hear in the underground college scene, where the obscure pop music hides until someone outside of the college scene gets a hold of it and it becomes popular in the mainstream. It does happen, it happened for Death Cab For Cutie. But do not compare these two musical efforts, as this CD is no Death Cab For Cutie.

Songs like ‘You Have No Form’ and ‘Super Sexy’ have an interesting beat and throughout the disc you will be hooked on the electronic sounds that bring back thoughts of the 80’s and ‘Weird Science’. Likely to be a CD that anyone who loved the movie ‘Juno’ and it’s odd tunes would love. Eclectic, clever, odd, interesting, different and unique are definite words to describe this musical medley. If you do not go to college or frequent coffee shops then this may not be the right music for you! You may find it annoying if you are not in that grouping, or, you may like it, who knows.