Abed, the Movie: A Disturbing Zombie Love Story

“Abed” is a zombie movie based on the “controversial short story by Elizabeth Massie.” Elizabeth Massie is a wonderful author who has won awards for her writing, including the Bram Stoker Award. Grand Rapids’ own Ryan Lieske wrote the screenplay and directed the movie. If you are a Grand Rapidian you are likely to see some familiar faces in this flick done by Familiar Productions, LLC.

There are three main characters in this short film adaptation. They are Mama, Quint and Meggie. Rachel Finan plays Meggie, the wife of Quint, played by Daniel Falicki. Quint and Meggie live with Quint’s Mama, played by Vicki Deshaw-Fairman. Are you tired of all the details yet? Are you wondering why I am not just getting to the point of this review? Keep wondering…

I was lucky enough to have Elizabeth Massie send me a copy of her short story “Abed” after I viewed the film, so I could see how close the screenplay resembled her original written words. It was pretty darn close, in fact, Ryan left out a part that I am kind of happy about… You’ll have to get your hands on that story if you want to know what I am talking about (it’s available for Kindle on Amazon.com). Other than some backstory additions, and the deletion of a scene that would have turned it into porn instead of just disturbing, the film quite well resembles the original story.

So, the story is about a zombie, and a mama who wants a grandchild and a widowed wife who is trapped in mama’s clutches. That’s all you’re getting from me. Now you’ll need to go fan the Facebook page and wait for info on how you can view this disturbing cinematic classic yourself.

My opinion? Don’t let your kids watch it. Don’t watch it if you have a weak stomach. DO watch it if you want to see some great nudity (no Daniel, I am not talking about you). DO watch it if you are a zombie movie fan and want to see something you haven’t seen yet in any zombie films. It’s a great movie, with a great storyline. It’s disturbing, yes; but it is also a sad tale and you will find yourself praying with Meggie. Rachel Finan stole the show; she is such a great actress and just absorbed perfectly into this role.

I’ve watched it twice now.