Ace Frehley, Anomaly – CD Review

Being a fan of Frehley’s Comet, I was kind of excited when Ace Frehley’s new album was handed to me. I was only mildly disappointed. The first four tracks kicked things off right. “Outer Space”, the second track, really rocks. It has a great groove and a very sing able chouse. Then there is a cover of Sweet’s “Fox on the Run”. Thank God Ace didn’t cover “Ballroom Blitz”. This is a fun song. One can’t help but sing along to it and it was done well.

At this point the album falters a bit. “Genghis Khan” is a terrible track. It is six minutes of uninspired nonsense.

Ace does recover well and, while the rest of the CD isn’t as good as the first part, it is strong and worth skipping the afore mentioned track to get to. Out of the remaining songs I think “A Little Below the Angels” is the real stand out.

Over all, if I was grading this recording I’d give it a solid B. It is worth picking up just remember to skip track five.