Adelita’s Way, Chevelle and Three Days Grace at Dow Event Center, Saginaw


Dow Event Center, 27 March 2010

It wasn’t a sold out show, in fact, there were less people there than I had actually expected. But, there were plenty of people there, don’t get me wrong on the aspect. The crowd made me feel old, not because there weren’t people there that were older than me, but because even most of those people ended up acting like drunken fools before the main act even took the stage. It was an all ages event, with kids of all ages roaming around. Some young ones were bored, some old ones were jumping up and down while the bands were playing. You never know what to expect at a rock show!

Adelita’s Way took the stage and started rocking five minutes before the show was even supposed to start. A concert, beginning on time, what a concept. Maybe Grand Rapids venues should take a cue from those in Saginaw. Adelita’s Way is a fairly new band on the scene but they justly got the crowd rocking. This band has high energy and it rubbed off on their new fans in the stadium. These Las Vegas rockers new how to get the crowd going by mixing their radio play hits; “Last Stand” and “Invincible” with songs that haven’t been heard by those without their self-titled debut album.

Not rocking as energetically or as hard as Adelita’s Way was Chevelle, the next band to hit the stage at the Dow Event Center this Saturday evening. They still kept the crowd going, but some of that spark that was there with the previous band left with them too. Chevelle was sure to play all of their hits, like the new song “Jars”, from there latest (but not greatest) album Sci-Fi Crimes. They also played fan favorites “I get It”, “Send The Pain Below” and “The Red”. It was a good forty-five minute set, but nothing compared to the ‘riot’ started when Three Days Grace hit the stage.

If you are a fan of good old rock and roll music then you must love Three Days Grace. This Canadian band has been plastered on the rock stations for a few years now and their music just never grows old. Tonight they played some new stuff from Life Starts Now, but the treat was hearing all of the songs we love to hear when we are rocking out to the radio. Three Days Grace is just one of those bands that don’t seem to be able to record a bad song. They played “Pain”, “Riot”, “I Hate Everything About You”, “Never Too Late” and when you thought they were all done, had left the stage, the returned for a kick ass encore with “Animal I Have Become”.

This was an awesome show with three awesome bands. Adelita’s Way and Three Days Grace stole the show. I highly recommend picking up CDs by both of these great rock bands!