Aimee Allen, “A Little Happiness”

This was an interesting album to listen to, I had to repeat it many times on many different occasions across many different moods, and I can honestly say I had a different opinion of it every time.

A slight departure from Aimee’s earlier music, A Little Happiness aims to be a more upbeat compilation of arrangements centering on a variety of topics, many of which relate to relationships. On the first few listens, it appears to be a very perky and happy upbeat record. An inspired ‘I am over it and moving on’ sort of thing. The more I listened though, and perhaps with my own mood changes, the more it felt like a facade. The more you felt her words and the more you felt the perkiness was just a front trying to disguise some of the meanings. Like it was just ironic.

There are two cover songs on the album: “Save Me”, originally by Unwritten Law and “Santeria”, originally by Sublime. My initial response to any of the new to moderately newer artists who do covers on their albums is: DON’T! I think it is death. Unless you have already release 20 studio albums and have really told us all you have to tell, please, just do your originals… when you are young it is so important that we hear what you have to offer us, not that you can sing what someone else did. It is fine in concert, but don’t record it for filler on an album. And here on this album we have TWO covers. So that disappointed me. I would much rather of heard two more original songs than covers. She executed “Save Me” relatively well, but it is one of those songs that the more you listen to how she does it, the more ironic she is making it sound. And “Santeria” she just executed. I really did not enjoy this cover at all. It sounds like she had great fun doing it, but when you do a song that is so well known like that, it is really going to be hard to please everyone, and on this one she missed me.

Her originals. I really enjoy her originals. “La La Land” can grate a little depending on my mood, but it is just that repetitive thing. There are many great songs on this album to be heard and Aimee Allen really has an amazing voice. Her voice on its own is just wonderful.

Overall this is an album worth owning. In fact this is actually an album I would like to see released on vinyl, which has been a great trend for some artists these days… hint hint…

1. Change In Weather
2. Save Me
3. On Vacation
4. Crazy
5. Calling the Maker
6. Santeria
7. Silence is Violence
8. La La Land
9. A Little Happiness
10. Lean Into Me
11. God Talks

Released 09 June 2009