Alice Cooper: The Strange Case of Alice Cooper

In the late 1970’s Alice Cooper entered a sanitarium in an effort to end his abuse of alcohol.  The following album, From the Inside, was about his stay as was the tour that followed.

The live performance on The Strange Case of Alice Cooper captures the April 9, 1979 performance in San Diego.

The first thing that caught my eye was how unhealthy Alice looked.  You can tell that years of abuse had taken a toll.  Aside from his physical appearance, this is a very typical Alice Cooper performance complete with dancing liquor bottles,  a beheading, transvestite nurses and, well, you get the point.

Tracks include: “From the Inside”, “Nurse Rozetta” and “Wish I was Born in Beverly Hills” along with Cooper classics “Welcome to My Nightmare”, “I’m Eighteen”, Only Women Bleed” and “School’s Out”.

This DVD is a fun addition to any Alice Cooper collection and an interesting look at how he fought out of his addiction, (he ultimately replaced drinking with golf).  This show is the middle ground, just after Welcome to my Nightmare and before Trash.  An area that not many know about.  What I find interesting is that no matter what tour or what album, Alice Coopers performance and shows remain roughly the same with little change, a true artist.

The only bonus feature is an audio commentary provided by Alice.