Alice Cooper, Welcome 2 My Nightmare – CD Review

It has been near 35 years since Alice Cooper released WELCOME TO MY NIGHTMARE. Well here it is, the sequel, WELCOME 2 MY NIGHTMARE.
Alice has always done concept albums better than anyone else and WELCOME 2 is no different.
Now if you are looking for Alice Cooper to give you a straight up rock album them you might be surprised, or not. Alice Cooper has also been known to NOT fit the mold. He does what he wants and that is never more apparent than on his latest release. Tracks like “I’ll Bite Your Face Off”, “When Hell Comes Home”, “What Baby Wants” and “Caffeine” are great rockers. “I Am Made Of You” is a ballad, of sorts, which kicks off the album and then there are the true odd balls, which, as it turns out are some of my favorite songs. “Last Man on Earth” is a New Orleans/ Marti Gras funeral dirge complete with tuba. My favorite track “Disco Bloodbath Boogie Fever”, you just have to love the title, is sure to become a dance club classic, at least around Halloween.

There is also a long list of guest performers on WELCOME 2. Former bassist, Kip Winger lends back-up vocals, as does Desmond Child. Long time producer, Bob Ezrin is back. Vince Gill does some guitar work on “A Runaway Train”. “What Baby Wants” features a duet with Ke$ha. In fact she helped write the song. Now, for long time fans, the best part is the return of surviving Alice Cooper Band members Dennis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith for three of the tracks.

This is a great album. In fact, I will go out on a limb and say that this is one of the best recordings Alice has done in quite a while.
If this is your first glimpse of Alice Cooper then I would like to encourage you to seek out the rest of his massive catalogue. If you are a long time fan then, well, enjoy.

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