American Politics: The Real Fast Food

American Politics: The Real Fast Food
Part II of a two part series

How many of you have voted for someone expecting change? How many of you are disappointed when that change doesn’t occur in the first 6 months to a year?
-See my article called NOTHING CHANGES-
Are you surprised when politicians have a short public life, in and out of office? I call this the Fast Food Mentality.

Americans want things to change NOW, not later. Let me explain it like this. Fast food chains are always growing. There is a McDonalds on just about every corner. There is a Burger King every 4 blocks, or so it seems. Why? Because it is fast and it is easy. It is more convenient to go through a drive through and grab a burger than it is to go to the store, buy the meat, buns and toppings then drive home and make it yourself.

Americans have grown fat and lazy and this applies not only to dietary habits but also to our political system and those we elect. As more Americans jump on the “change” bandwagon less gets done.

When Obama was elected so to were many Democrat Senators and Representatives. In the following election cycle, what happened? Voters voted out many Democrats. Why? Democrats were riding a high based on the change that Obama had promised. What happened? I believe the Fast Food Mentality kicked in. Change wasn’t coming fast enough so we re-elected the other guy with the hope that change would happed faster.

Note: I explore the reason that I believe change won’t happen in the afore mentioned article NOTHING CHANGES.

Regardless if change happens or not, those in power need to be given time to make it happen. Is this an argument to increase term limits? Should a popular president be allowed to be re-elected after his/her 8 years? The only president that was re-elected was FDR. Had there not been term limits Reagan may have been re-elected.

So where does this leave us? Could it be we hear the word “change” and our eyes get bigger than our stomachs?

I believe that this is a two-fold answer.

First, we as Americans need to buckle down. It’s going to hurt and politicians need to stop worrying about the popularity contest that is American Politics. The man in the street is just as responsible for making the changes necessary that will fix this nation as those we elect. It’s time for accountability and responsibility.

Second, we need to give our leaders the TIME to effect real change. Longer term limits perhaps. Changes in procedure in the House and Senate perhaps? Find a way that limits filibusters and maybe even committees. It’s time to hold our leaders responsible, I mean really responsible. Perhaps basing all elections on a popular vote (this affects only the presidential election). To be honest, I’m not sure how to address this second issue and I know that there are many secondary issues but there has to be a starting point.

I challenge our leaders to find that starting point. I challenge them to stop worrying about the next election and focus on what is going on around them. The majority of the leaders are so out of touch that they ignore the real problems (spending as if there is no debt doesn’t fix the debt).
I also challenge the American people. Don’t let the word “Change” affect how you vote. Take the time to look into the background of those running. Don’t buy hook, line and sinker what CNN or Fox News tells you. Find the middle ground. That’s where the truth is. And for God sake, stop going through the drive through and take the time to make that burger yourself, it’s way more satisfying. It would be a good change.