Ancient Astronauts, Into Bass and Time – CD Review

This latest album from the duo that is Ancient Astronauts has a lot of the same flavor as I have come to expect from them.  Rhythmic beats, exotic flair and a bit of a spoken word.  Primarily thrown into the electronic spectrum of music, there is so much more to them than that; once you listen you realize that ‘electronic’ is not as well suited to this conglomeration of styles.  The album art is pretty sweet too.

The majority of the album plays out in the music with only a handful of the songs are enhanced with lyrics and voice.  They are meant to tell a story on their own and the more you listen, the more you feel the story develop.

Into Bass and Time is a strong follow-up to We Are to Answer, which I was lucky enough to review when that was first released two years ago.  In some ways the former is more my enjoyable, but they really do make an honest effort to evolve and refine this sound; a sound and range that in itself is not exactly easily refined.

Track 11, featuring Monsoon, is a good example of how broad a sound they have allowed themselves.  “Give it to You” has a definite exotic feel while still maintaining their outer space sound .The chimes and futuristic sounds that pepper the background of the song mixed with the energetic reggae-like tone the lyrics are expressed in really give this song a unique feel.  Other songs feature guest artists Azeem, Raashan Ahmad, W Ellington Felton, Entropik, and a few more that each bring their own edge to the already eccentric styling that is Ancient Astronauts.