Ancient VVisdom, A Godlike Inferno – CD Review

These boys come to us from the place much of our good metal has:  Texas.  Austin to be exact.  Ex members of Integrity and Iron Age come together to bring us this Ancient VVisdom.

Don’t let the cover to this album deceive you.  While it wreaks of simplicity and a dark metal aura, the actual are contents are anything but.  A Godlike Inferno is for certain a metal album but very melodic, reminiscent of old Metallica and the like.  It is thoughtful and has a depth to the lyrics that is not always so apparent these days.

The singer’s voice has a soothing quality while the thunderous music underlines his every word.  The album is overall quite mellow; it is more like a compilation of ballads that peer into the darkness. The album takes a turn for the slightly heavier with “Devil Brain” so much so I think I heard a little growl.  Closing the album is a purely acoustic song, “Children of the Wasteland” that highlights the band’s talent in a very raw form.  You can feel the acoustic guitar on the other songs as well, for a bit of extra flavor, but only this song is purely so. “Forever Tonight” is probably the best song to highlight the percussion section.  Each song resonates an eeriness in the lyrics and melodies giving this album a darkness that the LP cover does in fact reflect.