Anthrax, Testament, Death Angel

Anthrax w/Death Angel and Testament
Oct. 14, 2011
The Orbit Room, Grand Rapids MI

A sea of black greeted us as we drove up to the Orbit Room. “I should have worn something black.” my date quipped as she looked at her tie die hoodie. This was her first time seeing any of the bands. Just a few days before, she was borrowing one of my Anthrax CDs.
The Orbit Room was packed. Classic Thrash Metal was back in Grand Rapids and the metal community was out for the show. I had never heard of Death Angel but its never too late. I was fixated from the first note. The band did a great job warming up the crowd and made at least one new fan that night.

Testament was up next. The sonic assault was just what I had expected. I could feel my insides melt as the band moved from song to song. The only thing that disappointed me was the lack of movement or energy from the band members.

Anthrax ran about 30 min. late taking the stage, according to the security personnel I talked to. All was forgiven once the band took the stage. Anthrax is like a hyper active kid with a sugar buzz. I can say that I have never had such a hard time photographing any band.
Anthrax opened with “Earth on Hell” and quickly moved through 30 years of classic thrash metal favorites including: “Indians”, “Mad House”, “Antisocial”, “Only” and “Caught in a Mosh”. The audience erupted and crowd surfers popped up everywhere. The combination of music and energy was infectious and everyone ate it up. I could tell the band, after 30 years, still love what they do.

This was a great night of metal. I guess if those in attendance learned anything then it would be that they don’t make metal bands like these anymore and that’s just too bad.