Anthrax, WORSHIP MUSIC – CD Review

Don’t, for a minute, think that WORSHIP MUSIC is what you sing in church. In deed, the only worship being done here is at the alter of Thrash Metal giants, Anthrax. Joined by original singer, Joey Belladonna, Anthrax hasmolded the perfect piece of Thrash Metal.

As I listened to WORSHIP MUSIC, I went back to some of the earlier releases, kind of a retrospective. I can come to only one conclusion, and this is only my opinion, but I believe that WORSHIP MUSIC is the heaviest album they have ever put out.
This is a strong offering from Anthrax. Tracks like “The Devil You Know” and “Revolution Screams” are prime examples.
But wait! Just when tack 11 ends and your ready to pull the disc, track 12 starts. I know. It’s a hidden track. And you thought you only paid for 11 songs and you get 13! That’s right. There is a 13th track.

All in all, Anthrax proves why they are still at the top of their game. So pick-up WORSHIP MUSIC, take off the plastic, pop it in your stereo, crank it to 11 and start your very own mosh pit and worship at the alter of Anthrax.

2011 Megaforce Records