Ari Hest, Sunset Over Hope Street – CD Review

Listening to this album nearly put me to sleep, the tracks are all quite forgettable and the vocals seem unable to achieve a true climactic range.  Just when you feel as though a song will really take off, it comes back down.

On first listen.

The second time through is when the tracks really start to pop.  The third and all successive listens, even more so.  Ari’s voice, which begins as a mellow rasp, transforms into this soothing, heartfelt melody and his passion really shines through.  It becomes more mesmerizing the more you listen; evident, becomes all the subtle transitions in Ari’s vocals. The songs immediately feel more familiar, more diverse, and favorites begin to develop.

The lyrics are full of story: with depth, emotion and meaning.  The music feels carefully crafted to emphasize each emotion.  As an artist, he has all the ingredients to be a very talented and strong entry into the pop/folk/easy listening array of genres.