Aziza World Fragrances – Natural Scents, Locally Created

Just this month Grand Rapid’s own Aziza released the first two of her perfumes. Most people recognize her name from her work in local music, most recently as the singer for Dendura. Aziza isn’t just a musician and a singer though, she is also a perfumer- a person who makes and/or sells perfumes. Well, she does both- makes them and sells them.

On April 14 Aziza World Fragrances released the first perfume that would be available; Emerald’s Garden. According to the tab on my sample, Emerald’s Garden is “a sweet and delicious mature fruity scent with red berries & patchouli.” I am not generally a fan of patchouli, but Emerald’s Garden is a light, yet powerful, scented perfume that is reminiscent of a new age store. I think this is why I like it. It evokes memories of

browsing through crystals at some of my favorite shops. Emerald’s Garden is $14.99 +tax for a 1oz spritzer.


On April 21 Aziza released Dark Phoenix. According to the accompanying ticket, Dark Phoenix is “an Oriental spice perfume with frankincense and orchid.” This more flowery scent reminds me of spring and blooming flowers. It is milder than the first scent. Dark Phoenix is $19.99 +tax for a 1oz spritzer.

Aziza World Fragrances will have more perfumes available soon, including Aphrodite’s Kiss.

More information on the ingredients in each perfume, how to order, etc. can be found at