Aziza World Fragrances Whipped Shea Body Butter Review


My wonderful friend Aziza sent me a couple samples of her Whipped Shea Body Butter. I am in love. Honestly.

I have allergies to nearly everything in the universe- really. I tested my choice of the scents, Chocolate Dream, and both the cream and the scent worked well for me. The natural Shea butter is very softening, and the scent smells just like pure chocolate. No perfume sensation to it at all. I was impressed. I use it every day as a perfume so I can make it last.

She also sent me a sample for my husband. I was a little worried when she said she chose Nag Champa. The incense scent is generally too strong for me and kills my allergies. Again, I was impressed. The scent is light, not overpowering. It’s natural, so it doesn’t smell incense-like.


I have to say, I highly recommend Aziza World Fragrances Whipped Shea Body Butter. You can visit Aziza’s website and FB for more info on available scents and product cost! AND it’s a Michigan Made product!