B.C. Field: Interview

Ok, I know what your thinking, “Didn’t this guy just write a review that ripped Brandon’s movie, Kill Day?” Yes, I did… but as a professional I felt the need to sit down with Mr. Field and give him an opportunity to talk about the movie. What I found was someone of like mind: twisted and creative.

Sitting down across the table from Brandon, we began with pleasant conversation. As it turns out we have many of the same interests. The conversation flowed smoothly into the topic of film making.

Inspiration for Brandon comes from B-horror movies of the 70’s, classic cinema and over the top films such as Kung Fu movies. Indeed, Kill Day is an exploitation film; his goal was to make the viewer feel uncomfortable. He fully expected to attract an underground following knowing that he would not be able to please everyone. “I didn’t want to conform to what is popular”; a bold statement from a first time director.

In fact, Brandon has no formal training in the field of cinema. He started making his own films at the age of 10. His approach is quite untraditional and yet he admits he would like to go to film school at some point.

So, what’s next? Well, he informed me that he had cut a lot of footage from Kill Day, footage that, for this reviewer, may have been necessary to give the film more of a flow. He is in the process of creating a director’s cut, something that I am interested in seeing. He is also in pre production of his next major project. Now I won’t give away any details but it is a suspense film done in a more traditional manner. What I can say is that this film will have you second guessing yourself until the end and then do a double take at the out come.

From my conversation with Mr. Field I have come to a two conclusions… First, there is a desire and love of movies/making movies. And second, he is a somewhat unconventional thinker.