Black Earth, Pink Champagne- CD Review

So, in laziness I decided to review some of this stack of CDs that is pilling up on my end table. I started with Hillbilly Vegas, Ringo Manor, but my computer didn’t want to play it. I took that as a sign. Then I tried a self-titled CD by Orly, and it made me want to throw up. Folk, with a female vocals… but the female vocals were just grating, sappy and sickening, so I gave up.

Now I am listening to Black Earth. When the first song started the other person in the room thought I was listening to Tesla. I guess that isn’t a bad things…. is it? I like Tesla.

The 2nd song had more energy than the 1st. All-in-all, the CD gets better as it goes. This is a talented rock band with an 80’s metal edge. The singer sounds good and you can even understand what he’s singing. The drummer kicks some double bass like nobody’s business. Pretty good tunes. I highly suggest rock music fans check them out!