Blue October, Approaching Normal

After being teased with the early single release of “Dirt Room”, the rest of the album Approaching Normal has finally been given to us as well. After listening various times through, the title is… appropriate enough. Old fans of Blue October know all too well the dark, often mentally disturbed lyrics they are all too well known for, mixed cheerfully with bittersweet loving tributes. This album is much in the same vein.

Fans will find Approaching Normal has many of the things they have come to love in this band, but with some evolution to this collection. A little more of a venture into parenthood and sweetness as in the song “Jump Rope” where there are actually children’s vocals or the cheery “Blue Skies”, but then all is concluded with the darkness of “The End”. To me, the last track of the album, “The End” is the standout track. It evokes such imagery and even sent a chill through me the first few times through. Many of the songs are lyrically quite visually stunning, but “The End” by far, paints for me the most vivid of bloody mental pictures. I could easily see many of these songs in a book of poetry the way they are written, as I could on a musical album.

Blue October has really brought together the darkness and the light on this album. I don’t quite feel as much pop to it for the mainstream, but as a fan of their music, I am pleased with this latest offering and look forward to hearing it live.

Released 24 March 2009
Universal Motown

Track listing:

1. Weight of The World
2. Say It
3. Dirt Room
4. Been Down
5. My Never
6. Should Be Loved
7. Kangaroo Cry
8. Picking Up Pieces
9. Jump Rope
10. Blue Skies
11. Blue Does
12. The End