Book Addict Review: The Numerology Guidebook

I have loved numerology probably nearly as long as I have loved astrology. For some reason things that predict the future intrigue me. Plus, once upon a time I had a pretty cool numerology book that helped me find some lost things around my home. Seriously, I used numerology to find lost items. Bet you didn’t know that was possible. And I bet you just might think differently the next time you lose your keys.

The power of numbers!
The power of numbers!

Anyway, this isn’t that book. This is a wonderful book I got from Hay House for free for review purposes. I chose it because of my long lived interest in numerology, and it seems like there is always something new to learn.

Michelle Buchanan’s The Numerology Guidebook starts out with instructions on how to calculate your core numbers. That is your life path, destiny, soul, personality, maturity, birth day, current name, and karmic lesson numbers. The Life Path Number is the most important and uses your birth date to determine it. Like, my birthday is 11/19/1974 and my Life Path Number is 6. I am not going to tell you the math of it, as you can purchase this cool book (or look online) and figure it out yourself. Once you have determined each of your numbers you can see what they mean. Like “6” as my life number says I will thrive in creativity (among other things).

When you get closer to the end of the book you will find some fun things, like how to name your baby by the numbers and naming your pet with them too.

Anyone that has even a remote interest in fortunetelling will enjoy this book. It is very in depth and is one of the best books on the subject I have ever read. I love this one and am excited to add it to my book collection!

You can add it to yours by purchasing it from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Hay House or even Indigo.