“Can You Hear Me See Me Now” video by Quinn Marston

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Quinn Marston Releases Debut EP, New DIY Video For Single “Can You Hear Me See Me Now?”

“Quinn Marston is totally idiosyncratic-a unique artist. If you’re tired of all the vague, universalist ‘we are the world’ hogwash that passes for pop songwriting today, give Quinn a listen. She has something to say and it’s worth listening to.” -Brad Tolinski, Guitar World Magazine

“[Quinn’s] music conveys a sense of ragged urgency all-too-often neglected in these digital days… a riot act wrapped in a snappy little ditty that should find favor with fans of Sleater Kinney, early Liz Phair or Dinosaur Jr. if they were fronted by a female.” – My Old Kentucky Blog

Quinn Marston wants to know: Can You Hear Me See Me Now? The NY-based 20-year-old singer/songwriter’s debut EP is out this week on Ernest Jenning Record Co., and streaming now at AOL Spinner’s Listening Party. In celebration of the release, Quinn is debuting a brand new DIY video for the title track (visit YouTube or click on the link above, available for posting):

“I knew I wanted to do an animation video. I had gone to the Metropolitan Museum of Art just before making it and that’s what got me thinking about Egyptian and Chinese Dynastic art. The overwhelming nature of a museum that special and big inspired me to put as many ideas into the video as possible. It’s all hand drawn and homemade. It gives me total respect for the animation process and how much work has to go into it.”
In 2009, Marston entered into a collaboration with producer Tom Beaujour, known for his work with such bands as Nada Surf, Right on Dynamite, and The Virgins, and musicians including  members of Beaujour’s own acclaimed combo True Love and guitarist Tim Foljahn (Two Dollar Guitar, Thurston Moore, Cat Power).
Together, Marston & Co. have created a short, sharp set of classic jangle-and-crunch alterna-pop.  Though undeniably buoyant and hook-happy, songs like “Articulation” and “So High” still carry a bit of an emotional sting born of Quinn’s direct yet intimate lyricism. With the release of Can You Hear Me See Me Now?, she has officially embarked on an amazing journey she can’t help but see as somewhat frightening, thrilling, and fun – just like her music.

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