CatLand on Kickstarter

CatLand Blends Virtual Kitties With Location-Based Check-Ins to Satisfy Your Inner Cat Lady

Just look at that poor kitten. It needs food, and you won’t feed it. It doesn’t even have many great skills. All thanks to your neglect.

The good news: if you cover the Kickstarter campaign for CatLand, in which developers Lost and Found Games are seeking a measly $15k, you could make this virtual virtual kitty a real virtual kitty.

By checking into real-world locations on the CatLand mobile app/game, you help keep your little pet entertained, engaged and AWAY FROM A SHALLOW GRAVE.

Joking aside, this is like Tamagotchi for the kids of today, as well as any adults who either can’t have pets or wish they could take their cat everywhere they go without looking like a weirdo.

Check the Kickstarter campaign for an intro video and more info. Then, if you don’t mind, spread the love.