Charm City Devils to Release Second Album Exclusively on iTunes


March 6, 2012 — To give the already-growing mass of fans what they want now, SINS, the second album from CHARM CITY DEVILS, will be released exclusively via iTunes on April 1 via Fat Lady Music.

The first single from SINS, a cover of “Man Of Constant Sorrow” (from the Grammy®-winning soundtrack of the George Clooney Oscar®-nominated film “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”), is quickly making a name for itself on the Rock radio airwaves. Fans have been burning up the request lines on such radio outlets as SiriusXM’s “Octane” channel, 98 Rock (Baltimore), KILO (Colorado Springs), WZBH (Ocean City), KHTQ (Spokane), KQXR (Boise), WJXQ (Lansing) and KTUX (Shreveport). “Man Of Constant Sorry” recently debuted on Billboard’s “Active Rock” chart at #36. A lyric video for the song was recently released and can be seen here:

When the band (singer John Allen, guitarist Vic Karrera, bassist Anthony Arambula, guitarist Nick Kay and drummer Jason Heiser) started to put the new album together, they discussed covering a classic song and incorporating it into their live show. As singer John Allen, “There were many ideas kicked around, but which one? ‘Man Of Constant Sorrow’ came up and we decided to give it a try. It’s an incredibly powerful song, but it was a challenge to develop and arrange it in a way that captured the essence of the song but would also ROCK! We all loved the version from ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ Skidd Mills and I built a foundation and with much tweaking and editing, and I think we delivered a great version of the song. The song transcends generations. It’s a timeless classic and it’s been around a long time. I’m excited to bring it to a whole new group of rock fans.”

SINS finds the Baltimore band adding harder, edgier tones to their blues-based roots. The result of the band’s life experiences over the past few years, SINS features an aggression and energy that hits you right between the eyes. From the first note of “Spite” to the last cymbal crash of “Unstoppable,” SINS showcases the bands power, directness and new found energy and intensity.

Recorded at Sound Kitchen Studios in Nashville with Grammy-winning producer Skidd Mills (Saving Abel, Egypt Central), guitarist Nick Kay reflects on the process, “Our previous record had been a compilation of songs written and recorded over a two to three year period. It was recorded in a couple of different settings and tracked by a few different people. This time, we went into one studio with one producer to give the record a cohesive sound and direction.”

“Everyone has ups and downs – that’s life,” proclaims singer John Allen. “I’ve been a professional musician since I could carry my gear and have seen and experienced what this industry ‘good and bad’ has to offer. We wanted SINS to be deep with songs that people can relate to. On this record, I wanted to put it all out there with songs about love, anger, revenge, lust and all the emotions that I was feeling. Expressing what I, and everyone in this band, had been through. These feelings are universal. They touch everyone and we used our experiences to put together a powerful statement that we believe listeners can connect with.”

And what about the album title? “When it came to giving the record a title we wanted something that hit a nerve,” he continues. “We have five different personalities in this band and it can sometimes be a challenge to agree on one idea. The one thing we all could agree on is in one form or another we have all sinned. Some of us more than others.”

In touring news, check out CHARM CITY DEVILS at any of the following stops, with more dates to be announced in the coming weeks:


Sat 4/21 Towson, MD Recher Theatre (record release party sponsored by 98 Rock)
Sun 4/22 Columbus, OH The Basement
Mon 4/23 Lansing, MI The Loft (WJXQ show)
Fri 4/27 Colorado Springs, CO Black Sheep (KILO “Low Dough” show)
Sun 4/29 Boise, ID Knitting Factory (KQXR free show)
Thu 5/1 Spokane, WA A Club (KHTQ “Low Dough” Show)

Here’s the complete track listing of SINS:

1. Spite
2. Unstoppable
3. Man Of Constant Sorrow
4. Still Alive
5. Walk Away
6. Devil is a Woman
7. Start it Up
8. Love N War
9. Blame
10. Problem
11. All You’ll Ever Need