Chickenfoot, III – CD Review

I have come to the conclusion that Chickenfoot is the super group of super groups. The first album was a masterpiece of rock ‘n’ roll. III is better. The band didn’t fall victim to the sophomore blues, as if a band made up of Sammy Hagar, Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony and Chad Smith could. Here’s the kicker. Not only is III better than the first release but also the album gets better as you get further in the disc.

“LAST TEMPTATION” is a good way to kick off III. It has that classic rock feel as does “ALRIGHT ALRIGHT”. The two songs make a great combination to start the rock ‘n’ roll party.

“DIFFERENT DEVIL” slows things down before turning it up again for the chorus. The song has a great feel about it that will have you tapping your foot. “UP NEXT” has this groove to it delivered only the way Satriani can. “LIGHTEN UP” keeps the party rolling and “COME CLOSER” slows things down. It is a great ballad.

“THREE AND A HALF LETTERS” is about the state of things here in America with the chorus screaming out “I need a job, I need a job….” And then there is “BIG FOOT”. This song has so much groove and great rhythm that it’s no wonder that it is the lead off single. “BIG FOOT” should be an instant classic.

“DUBAI BLUES” and “SOMETHING GOING WRONG” round out III. “SOMETHING GOING WRONG” could easily be a Lynyrd Skynyrd song. It has that slow southern rock feel to it. By the way, don’t stop the disc at track 10, yes, there is a hidden track.
Chickenfoot will not disappoint new and old fans with this release. This could easily be the best release of the year so check it out and remember to play at high volumes with your windows down.

Released 2011 Entertainment One