Chris Isaak Beyond the Sun Live! PBS Special in June


This new PBS special showcases Chris Isaak in a personal tribute to the glory days of the legendary producer Sam Phillips and his Sun Studio in Memphis and the music created by his heroes (Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison and others). Isaak recaptures the spirit of the original songs with his own brilliant band of stellar musicians, while revealing the heart and soul of his own deeply rooted musical identity.CHRIS ISAAK BEYOND THE SUN LIVE! is part of special programming premiering on PBS stations beginning June 2, 2012 (check local listings).

CHRIS ISAAK BEYOND THE SUN LIVE! was taped on February 13, 2012, before a live audience of music fans on the soundstage of Austin City Limits, the home of the legendary PBS music series. The three-act program begins with some of Isaak’s most popular hits, moves on to his tribute to Sun Records and then wraps up with a combination of both. All in all, it’s a celebration of Isaak’s own stellar career with some of his best-known and favorite recordings. Chris Isaak’s ‘Beyond the Sun Live’ tour will continue through the end of 2012. To learn more visit

Joining Isaak for this special evening is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer and “The Queen of Rockabilly”, Wanda Jackson.

CHRIS ISAAK BEYOND THE SUN LIVE! Features these performances:

· “I Want Your Love”
· “Somebody’s Crying”
· “Wicked Game”
· “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing”
· “I’ll Never Let You Go (Little Darlin’)”
· “Ring of Fire”
· “Trying to Get to You” (with Wanda Jackson)
· “It’s Now or Never”
· “Crazy Arms”
· “Your True Love”
· “Miss Pearl”
· “Great Balls of Fire”
· “Blue Hotel”
· “Fujiyama Mama” (with Wanda Jackson)
· “Oh, Pretty Woman”
· “Can’t Help Falling in Love”
· “Big Wide Wonderful World”

Bonus tracks including:
· “You Don’t Cry Like I do”
· “Best I Ever Had”
· “Live It Up”

Plus behind the scenes footage.

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