Chris Velan, Fables for Fighters – CD Review

I love squirrels.  Who doesn’t?  Cute, fuzzy and charming!  Except when they steal the birds’ seed; but hey, we all have our faults!  The album artwork includes a squirrel costume as well as a hand drawn squirrel that spans the inside of the cover even appearing in part on the disc itself.  But you can’t judge a CD by its cover any more than you can judge a book.  This CD was not as cool as I might have hoped given my experience with squirrel-lovers, but it did have a few quirks among the repetitive, cheesy lyrics.  My iTunes classifies the music as pop but it has quite a bit of a folksy edge.  Pop is not really encompassing of the music that is on this album, but I suppose it can be generic enough to cover most anything.

Fables for Fighters is filled with uplifting, perky music.  They lyrics do begin to drone on a bit with hypnotic repetition.  Instead of being charming it just begins to grate; though I am sure some are better at tuning out such irritations and just enjoying the music for what it is: a simple, energetic collaboration of music.  Some songs such as “Interrogate Me” have an almost epic feel to them with the story told.  The harmonies come together just as you need them to; however as with many other songs on the album, what may seem as a clever introduction of the song title as the chorus ends in the words being repeated excessively, even for a chorus.  This feature to his music may not be so bothersome if the each song were not so formulaic.  If he varied the formulas of his music a little more, these overly repetitive portions of the music may not seem so present and obvious.

Mr. Velan does have a lovely voice that is a joy to listen to, I just feel as though his music is overly simplified.  I understand that it has that singer/songwriter feel to it, but that is what separates the talent from the genius.  To take that style to a less generic level takes genius.  All I see on this album is talent.