Cute, Geeky, Plus-Sized Clothing Options for Comic Cons & Life

Welcome to Monday and the official start of my countdown to Wizard World Chicago. Sure, I have counted in my head a bit, but today being the first day of the week is the real start of it all. I have a certain amount of prep work to do, so here we go, three days from now Wizard World Chicago begins. In that spirit, I present to you some cute clothing options that are perfect for a comic con. Not everyone wants to cosplay or do anything elaborate, but we still want to show our love for our favorite fandoms.

These days there are a lot more options than there once were, especially for the plus sized girls out there like me. Etsy has some great, geeky clothes for all sizes (since they are mostly custom made), but they can sometimes have a bit of a high price tag since they are tailored to you. The off the rack options I find best these days is Torrid or Hot Topic. Same company, but they can have different things. Hot Topic is also better if you are a dude since Torrid is just for the girls. Although these days, who cares who wears what, so long as they are comfortable physically and mentally. I really struggle with clothing. Really. But I do find even I can find some clothes that fit at Torrid. I have looked at Hot Topic plenty, I just have never actually purchased from them.

Ok, enough with the words. I found some photos on Pinterest that are things that I mostly would actually want to wear myself. I saved them to my Pinterest board, Cool Geeky Clothes.