Danny Brown, Jon Connor, Tekh Togo, All Grand Rapids Hip Hop Team @ The Pyramid Scheme 11-25-11

I’m asking myself, why is it so damn hot? It’s Black Friday in Grand Rapids with temps almost reaching 60 degrees. The Pyramid Scheme was the setting for a night of Hip Hop as the line up was heavy with professors laying down lyrical lessons. Made it to the venue around 9ish as doors open at the Pyramid Scheme, one of Grand Rapids newest venues is buzzing with energy and excitement. As I am walking in I overhear a conversation touting the amazing style of the nights headliner Danny Brown, and I agree (just saying). With this stacked lineup, there is something for everyone, also leaves too much to cover everything, so here are some highlights.

First up is one of my favorite Grand Rapids emcees, SUPORT. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, this guy fucking kills it on the mic. With a set that gets the crowd going and appearances by Venson Dix and Ed Nino, SUPORT knows what is going on and shows his mastery of it. (GO BUY HIS NEW RELEASE Rocket Science) After that were a couple act I was not familiar with but enjoyed throughout, actually for awhile there is was kind of hard to follow what was going on, other than my face was being melted off with music.  The next act that really got me hyped was 5iveit, a growing force in positive energy and dynamic flow/music. I have seen Rick Chyme perform before and he has the ability to grab your attention away from the beer or hot girl you keep trying to holla at.  Tekh Togo is the last act up before Jon Conner and since the last time I saw him, he has elevated himself to a serious contender to those headline acts. His set was a revolving door of people who got on stage to do songs with him, so I think I am not the only one that gets it.

On a quick side note, where do I get one of those Jamaican fog machines? It makes things smell so good, and this was in a room where someone smelled like old crusty hot dogs. (Yesterdog employee’s excluded) So after a nice step outside I come in to see the meal has been delivered, and by that I mean Jon Conner throwing down some serious freestyle as some equipment issues get worked out. Hell, when you can rap this good equipment issues are no problem. I would take every opportunity to show off, and he does. This is the second time I have seen him live and again the man just kills it.

So, just as I get back and push through the throng of people lined up and get a spot just to side and right up front, Danny Brown comes out all incognito and shit, almost like it isn’t even him. But it is him, as the jacket , hood, and glasses come off  as they are coaxed off by a rabid fan we see the Detroit native just killing tracks off his new cut XXX (for 30 not what you would think) dressed in skinny jeans and the most sequined camouflage shirt I have ever seen.  Now trying to explain this show or even his style is as about as easy as trying to explain a beautiful woman to a blind teenage virgin…….. Well, maybe not that hard. Still, I try. In trying to complete this article I read a bit, and people like to talk about what his voice sounds like. I can’t do that. I will tell you what it isn’t, pretentious, gangster, hardcore, weird, or fake. The raw quality of his voice combined with the almost herky-jerky timing of his beats creates something fresh, and wonderful to this writers ears. Damn, this was a good time, worth every dollar for sure. For someone as broke as me, you know I mean it. So yeah show was killed, mind is yet again blown, and if you weren’t there…….you are that much more square.