DanseWolf, Smoke N Mirrors – CD Review

DanseWolf- Smoke N Mirrors

The Cover – The cover is simple, black and purple with an interesting wolf head. The back contains the bands logo, which is very rock looking.

The Music – The lead singer, Juls, voice sounds very Gwen Stefani. The music has been compared to No Doubt and Blondie. It’s fun, it’s pop rock, it’s rock n’ roll. Five songs really aren’t enough to get the full feel of this band’s potential.

My Honest Opinion – I can not pick a favorite song on this album. DanseWolf’s music is so full of feeling. They will appeal to rockers, pop rockers and fans of female fronted bands. They rock. You’ll find yourself pulled into the lyrics of “Shut You Down,” and you’ll find yourself dancing to “Smoke N Mirrors.”