Dee Snider: Shut Up and Give me the Mic

“If the only things that float your boat are journals from drug-addled, ex-junkie, sex-addicted rockers, forget it.  Those books are bullshit anyway, Have you ever known a junkie?  They can’t remember what they did thirty minutes ago, let alone thirty years ago….Real heroin addicts can’t hold their own dicks; forget about a pen or pencil.  And who isn’t addicted to sex?  What a scam.”  From the Forward (Forewarned) to Shut Up and Give Me the Mic.

And this is how Dee Snider starts off, not holding back on what he thinks.  From the get go this was a fantastic read.  It took everything for me to put it down.  I found that Dee was brutally honest about his band, Twisted Sister, the industry and himself.

Reading Shut up and Give Me the Mic, you discover that Dee did not involve himself in the classic “Rock Star” life of sex and drugs and alcohol.  Instead he devoted himself to one woman, Suzette, at an early age, his family and his music.

He admits that he did not spend money wisely and upon the record industry (there was never much label support for Twisted.  So much so that their own label asked MTV not to play their videos form the Come Out and Play album) pushing T.S. To the wayside, that Dee had to declare bankruptcy.

Dee also goes into great detail about the congressional hearings on “filth” in music.  You can find his whole statement to Congress on page 341-344.

I think that the only disappointment is that the book wasn’t longer.  I did not what it to end and towards the end it felt as if the topics, such as the re-forming of Twisted Sister, and other side projects didn’t get the proper treatment that they should have.  I would have liked to know more about the Widowmaker and Van Helsing’s Curse projects.  On the other hand, Dee did mention a follow-up book.  Is he teasing us or is this something he is seriously considering?  Only time will tell.  Until then, enjoy a great read.