Detroit Artist, Ife Mora, Shows Hometown Pride in New Music Video “Detroit Blues”

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New York, NY – September 3, 2013
Alt-rock singer-songwriter Ife Mora captures the true spirit of her hometown in her new music video “Detroit Blues”. “Detroit Blues” is just the latest single from her sophomore album Fire Inside Me, which is described as a masterful blend of powerful vocals and skill for narrative songwriting. The songstress’s songs travel the country, painting portraits of life in New York, Detroit and other psychic landscapes of America.

The gritty video for “Detroit Blues” is perfectly in tune with the down and dirty nature of the blues song. It shows Ife sweaty in a mechanic shop, while images of abandoned houses and a broken metropolis are streamed across the screen. The video is a very real depiction of the hardships Detroit is facing. However, Ife wants us to get a feeling of hope from all of the beautiful people who are surviving and fighting for the rise of a grand new City.

Ife knew in advance that she wanted to shoot the video for “Detroit Blues” in her hometown because of what the song represented. She says, “Detroit has always been the foundation for my love of music and has given me a very tough skin to be able to survive hardships in life and endure a tough business like the music industry. ‘Detroit Blues’ is all about a woman who can survive anything and look good doing it because of this historical and complex city she is from.”

Ife was a pivotal figure in both her native Detroit’s techno scene and this turn of the century’s trip-hop explosion, after signing to Tricky’s record label Durban Poison/Dreamworks S.K.G. in 2000. Since the release of her latest album Fire Inside of Me in March 2013, she has also been featured in Billboard Magazine, American Songwriter, Essence, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Post.

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