Digits Premieres New Video for “Love Is Only Affection”

[tube video=”BpYUaoShuAA”]

Digits aka Alt Altman has released a brand new video for his first single ‘Love is Only Affection‘ off his Only Affection EP, set for a February 26th release. The video centers around an injured alien who crashes her spaceship on earth. “What seems to be killing her, though, is not the injury, but rather the images of love and lust she witnesses on this alien planet earth, which are so disturbing and empty,” says The FADER, who premiered the video.
Digits is a minimalist electronic pop artist based in Toronto and Berlin. In April 2012, he released a mixtape called Death and Desire featuring a remix by Nite Jewel, and quickly received coverage from several UK publications including a review in The Guardian, which called the mixtape “a near classic of mournful electronica, a synth-pop album to stand alongside the Human League’s Dare.” Subsequent singles have received praise from The FADER, The Toronto Star and Boston Phoenixamong others. This fall, Digits collaborated on the track “Last Trip” with Au Palais‘ singer Elise Commathe and will be remixing one of Sally Shapiro‘s songs for her forthcoming remix album in May.
Digits also distributes his albums digitally free of charge to anybody who can prove they have bought something recently from another musician, a distribution method Wired called “bold and brave.” Performing using two synthesizers, a laptop, and a looping pedal to reproduce his songs live, he has shared the stage with  Junior BoysYACHTCadence Weapon, and Class Actress.