Drive A, “Loss of Desire”

Even a day or two can pass without listening to this album and there is still a faint remnant of a song stuck in my mind. Most prominently so “Loss of Desire”, the title track, does this. After a while, eventually it fades completely and I am onto some different music. Then I find the CD in my car again and the cycle continues.

Loss of Desire is the debut album for Drive A on the national front, and a strong offering it is. To have such a power over me to actually encourage me to listen to it again and again, not to try and see what is good or bad in it, but to actually just listen and relax. Certainly it is a heavier CD with its explicit nature and tones, but it is an even balance of all that, which makes it relaxing. While this group is young, they still manage to formulate a good composition to where it isn’t uncomfortable.

They have a good mix of sound where they can easily fit in with a variety on stage; from metal to punk to rock… They are up-tempo and keep moving, but they have that heaviness that keeps them from drifting towards the realm of pop. As I listen, I can envision them to be a great band to see live if they can keep that kind of energy maintained for the duration.

Each song on its own I can say there is something to be enjoyed. As an album there was one thing I noticed: the singer did not seem to have a great deal of range. His voice maintained throughout. While not a great downfall to this band, it just makes listening to this album on repeat for a length of time a bit tiring. I needed to pop in a bit of variety every once in a while, which most people probably do with most artists anyway since our consumer attention spans our so short these days.

Drive A is definitely worth a listen and this album will certainly one I will keep around for my personal listening. I am curious to see how they evolve as a band in the future.

1. Loss Of Desire
2. Everyone’s Alone
3. Out Of Focus
4. Are You Blind?
5. Can’t Sleep It Off
6. Head Underwater
7. Smiling With Hate
8. Single File
9. The Hell With Motivation
10. Wake Up
11. Coming For You
12. It’s Getting Worse

Released 19 May 2009