Drop Tank, Domina – CD Review

First off, you are probably wondering who Drop Tank is. Drop Tank is a punk band originally from Sydney, Australia. The band, currently calling Marrickville home, consists of Harry Thynne on drums, Jon Sora on guitar, Scott Davey on bass, and the fabulous Zebidy Tank on vocals and guitar. Zebidy started the group in 2008 and started playing gigs right away. They played not only at house parties and clubs, but also at Metalstock and the Sydney Fringe Festival.


Drop Tank’s newest release, DOMINA, contains 6 tracks of explosive punk rock that is sure to attract even the most hardcore punk.



“White Lady”

The opening track on this CD really gives you a taste of Drop Tank’s sound and the fabulous vocals of their rocking chick singer, Zebidy. Zebidy Tank’s vocals are up there with the best of punk rock ladies. She can definitely belt out a tune. “White Lady” jams.





“Doin’ Time”

This song slows down some, compared to the first. This song made me think of The Runaways. A nice raw sound, fun and full of spunk. “Doin’ time for rock n’ roll,” a line that really stands out in the lyrics of this song.


“Can You Tell Me”

Bringing the beat back up, “Can You Tell Me” is a great relationship song. Punk’s good for those hard knocks love songs, and this one is no exception. Zebidy apparently hates liars as much as the rest of us girls do! Mid-song vocals change over to the guys point of view. At this point the song takes on a bit of a metal edge, making it a very unique piece.


“Saw Nothing”

This is my favorite song on the album. Starts out with a serious vibe and then shoves that punk rock goodness right down your throat. One thing that can not be denied about Zebidy is that she puts passion into every one of these songs.



If you weren’t already moving to the beat of this CD, you will be when this song starts. “Medicine” has a very catchy beat. Punk rock to the core.


“Drop Tank”

This final song begins with an intro of squealing tires, leading into some powerful musicianship. They definitely saved the best for last with this tune. Zebidy has no trouble with speedy lyrics and her voice remains killer.


I highly recommend this album, and I hope someday to see Drop Tank play in the US. They are pretty awesome recorded, I bet they’d be even more awesome live!