The tag line is something to the effect of “Zombies are people too.” This may give away the fact that this DVD being distributed through MVD Entertainment Group is going to maybe be a bit corny, but who’s to say without watching it. In truth, it is a comedy and it is a horror flick, which makes it horribly funny! It has an interesting idea behind it though- seeing the zombie movie through the eyes of the zombies and just just the terror of the people who didn’t get zombie-fied.

So, in this movie there is some crazy doctor who is doing experiments on soldier, trying to create a super soldier, of course. But something goes wrong and instead he creates a super zombie who loves to eat brains. Doc changes a label on the zombie “juice” and a bio-hazard barrel falls off of a truck, not necessarily related, but either way this virus is released unto the world and starts a zombie uprising.

According to the jewel case this movie is a new breed, telling the story of the zombies from their side, though you do still get to see the “other” side too. What really stands out about the creativity with this film is the melding of black and white film with color. This begins when a group of four decide to eat some ice cream, which is glowing green on a black and white backdrop.

Matthew Davis, who plays Alaric Saltzman on the popular CW Vampire television show ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is one of the “confused” group of green glowing ice cream eating zombies. The other faces within this movie are fairly unfamiliar.

Anyway, when the group of four zombie-fied friends who ate the glowing green ice cream are seeing the world through their eyes the movie is in full color, but when the world is seeing them as the actual walking dead zombie freaks that they are then the movie reverts to black and white.

The group runs into a supposed military guy, who ends up being a janitor or something, who comes up with the idea that it is the enzymes in milk that have protected them from this spreading virus. So, like the dead who haunt a place because they don’t realize they are dead, these zombies think they are fine and everyone else is infected. They also realize that people who are drunk stay normal too, like it neutralizes the toxins. This is because the zombies see humans (and hear humans) in fast forward, but drunks stay at a “normal” speed.

When these zombies start to fall about the military janitor decides that it is just the super soldier toxin streamlining them, not that they are actually the infected and are rotting away! What will happen next? Will more people turn into zombies and will this group finally find out that they are actually the infected? Maybe you should check out this B rated movie with an A for original concept for yourself!