DVD Review: Colin

Zombies are running amuck in movies everywhere, we just can’t seem to get enough of them and they are everywhere. ‘Colin’ is a movie about a guy who gets by by a zombie and it follows this young man from his humanity to his attack by a zombie who bites him on the back of the neck. Then it watches him as he dies and as he is resurrected as the walking dead. Now he is one of the flesh hungry fiends himself.

Thus, the tale of ‘Colin’ begins. We see what he sees and how he sees it, as confusion, mostly. We get to experience his reactions to a world through the dead eyes of a zombie. Even opening the door to his own house becomes a frustrating chore with only a dead brain telling your dead body what it should be doing.

The need to feed is a natural animal instinct and zombies seem closer to animals than they are to humanity, so Colin finds himself feeding like the rest of the zombies he encounters. He also finds himself getting mugged by human survivors who try to steal his shoes. It seems that being a zombie is kind of like being a misunderstood person that is being rejected by the rest of humanity.

Colin still feels some feelings and recognizing family members, for awhile. But he still craves human flesh. How long can you trust a creature that will surely some day want to eat you. Will Colin be a zombie forever or will some human put him to rest? The only way to know the ending to this tragic tale is to watch it.

With an overabundance of current and previous zombie flicks out there, ‘Colin’ definitely stands out among them. This movie deserves two thumbs up for it’s creativity. The movie is a little bit slow moving at times, but this just adds to it’s reality. Any true zombie lover will enjoy this movie and it is sure to become a cult classic! Oh, and it only cost $75 to make!