Electric Six, Heartbeats and Brainwaves – CD Review

As I play the latest release by Electric Six, it hits me that this is a band that is constantly in flux concerning their sound. Do they want to be a rock band or an electronic/dance band? Luckily, for Dick Valentine and company, they do a damn fine job in combining the two genres. Add in whimsical song titles such as “French Bacon”, “Free Samples”, “I go Through Phases” and “We Use the Same Products” along with tongue n’ cheek lyrics and you get a fun disc to listen to and, dare I say, dance to.

I would say that fans of bands such as KMFDM or Front 242 would enjoy Electric Six for their electronic sound while fans of Berlin and The Romantics would like the pure rock sound and fans of Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper might enjoy the lyrical aspect. Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone in the recordings of Electric Six.

2011 Metropolis Records