Eve 6, Speak in Code – CD Review

There are some things worth waiting for…even waiting nine years for. Speak in Code was definitely worth the wait.  Eve 6 burst onto the scene with the unforgettable hit “Inside Out” in 1998.  The success they found with that release was never equaled.  Horrorscope released in 2000 yielded a few singles that received moderate radio play.  It’s All in Your Head, released in 2003, was a departure from their previous sound and sold poorly.  The band was signed before they even graduated high school and took a hiatus in 2004 after the disappointment of their last album.  They reunited a couple years ago and have evidently recharged their artistic batteries.

Speak in Code has the enthusiasm that their self titled initial album had with a more mature and polished sound.  It’s hard to pick a favorite track.  Initially “Trust Me” was my go-to song.  It grabbed me from the first listen.  After a week of playing this album continuously “B.F.G.F.” became my new favorite.  The opening track “Curtain” definitely grew on me.  I didn’t even realize the singles off of this album are “Lost and Found” and “Victoria” until Wikipedia was kind enough to inform me.  Apparently they haven’t received much air play in West Michigan.  It’s a shame, because they are both solid songs.

If you liked Eve 6 back in the ’90s I definitely think you will enjoy the new album.  If you’re not familiar with their previous work, give this album a chance.  There aren’t any filler songs on it.  “Downtown” and “Blood Brothers” are both catchy and fun.  “Situation Infatuation” is fast becoming my new favorite.  I am definitely looking forward to future releases from this band.  I hope Speak in Code becomes a sleeper hit because Eve 6 definitely deserves more attention than they currently have received on the charts.