Everest, Ghost Notes – CD Review

Throughout much of this album, I kept getting that feel of a house band: a sort of mellow stream of energy with the occasional perky song to bring up the feeling of the room. There is an easy flow to the music and a balance to the melody. The singer has an excellent voice for it, as though you could imagine him singing anything just as well. I don’t mean this to be an insult, I hear a lot of talent in the band… I suppose I just feel like they could be so much more interesting. Perhaps it is just my personal tastes getting in the way, which I usually try not to let interfere. I hear the vocals and I just want to hear them go further. What I am feeling could also be a something lost in translation from live music to recorded, and not having seen this band live, I don’t know exactly what they are capable in that arena. From what I have read they are quite excellent, so I am nowhere near ready to give up on them yet. I do enjoy what they have to offer so far.

This is a nice, mellow rock record. It is worth checking out and I hear they even released it on vinyl, which is always a major plus in my book. They do have a very classic feel about them. Vinyl is an excellent choice of media.