Evilot Bring Anti-hero Puzzle Defense to iPad

Tower Defense Meets Match-three in Chilean Startup Syrenaica’s First Mobile Game

SANTIAGO – May 15, 2013 – Chilean game developer Syrenaica today announced the launch of its first title, a game called Evilot. Combining the best elements of two popular genres, Evilot is a puzzle defense game where players command the forces of Count Dolfus, a retired evil mastermind whose brooding Golden Years are being disturbed by an army of do-gooders bent on conquering his castle (and stealing all his loot). Funded partially through Kickstarter, the title’s orchestral score sets a mood suitable for a Transylvanian invasion. A free demo version is available in the App Store along with the full version for $0.99.

Sink your teeth into puzzle defense, download Evilot now!

Accessible to even casual players, Evilot’s 50 levels are set up on a grid with the forces of Dolfus defending against baddies (err… goodies?), who race down lanes toward mountains of hard-earned treasure. Gameplay goes beyond the traditional “set it and forget it” tower defense mechanic, adding a puzzle-based unit upgrade system. Place three of the same units together in a column or row and they combine to create a more powerful, leveled-up unit. Keep units tightly packed for more powerful upgrades, or spread them out for a weaker, but wider defensive spread. It’s a compelling twist on tower defense that is easy to play, yet difficult to master.

Evilot features:
Unique puzzle defense mechanics and level-up system
Challenging, fast-paced gameplay
50 levels across 5 diverse territories
15 playable defender units and 5 special summons
Original orchestral soundtrack specially composed for Evilot

Stay tuned for Android, PC, Mac, Ouya and Linux versions of Evilot, planned for the coming months!

Visit http://www.syrenaica.com/ and http://www.evilot.com/ to learn more, then follow Syrenaica on Facebook and Twitter for the latest on Evilot.