Fiction – Film Review

“When fiction bleeds into real life, when blood pours from the needle tracks on your arm…”

Fiction is a movie about a guy with issues, but not everyone sees those issues until Roman’s life begins to spin out of control. Behind closed doors he hides his anger, his alcoholism and his drug addictions.

Confusion sets in as you watch the movie. Ten minutes in and you wonder to whom those bloody hand prints belong. It keeps you glued.

The movie is slow, and sometimes confusing: it helps keep you watching. The confusion seems to be somewhat from the characters perception, drug induced, fueled by wine and alcohol.

The music throughout the film is spot on and only works to enhance the ambiance of the film itself. The main character is played by a guy who actually seems to know what he is doing in front of a camera, Darryl Ross.

All in all, this is an interesting film that takes a look at the dark side of life. It won’t be a film for everyone, but then what film is? The filming is spectacular, which also helps make for an interesting movie.

Fiction is a film for anyone looking for something different to watch; for something that doesn’t hide behind rose colored glasses; for something dark and tormented deep within the reaches of the mind.

This film was written and directed by B.C. Field.