Final Gravity, Self Titled – CD Review

Final Gravity. Wikipedia defines it as the specific gravity measured at the completion of fermentation. Hello Wendy ( defines Final Gravity as a Los Angeles-based quartet that likes beer… a lot.

We, here at Flocked Media, received an advance copy of Final Gravity’s self-titled album which is due to hit the streets in mid-November. After much deliberation it was decided to pass it down to me. After listening to it, I couldn’t be more grateful. I like this album and I like this band.

Whereas many bands these days release albums with unremarkable differences between tracks, Final Gravity successfully offers a range of style and tone. While there is a noticeable classic/ hard rock influence, you can hear a different artist influence in each song. The dynamic range of vocalist Bill Moore, PhD astronomer and assistant professor at UCLA, brings to mind greats like Mick Jagger, Ronnie James Dio, and Geoff Tate, as evidenced it the songs ÒLine ‘Em UpÓ, ÒThe Flying DutchmanÓ, and ÒThe DarknessÓ, respectively.

The rest of FG, drummer John Chominsky, bassist Charles Mumford, and guitarist Mike Clark, complete the recipe with the perfect chemistry for this perfect brew. All the songs are well written, arranged and produced. Best of all, they’re fun to listen to!

If you like your rock with a classic flavor, but still like to hear something new, check out Final Gravity. has six songs up that you can listen to for free (including the three I mentioned earlier) plus there is ordering info available in their blog. Buy Final Gravity out November 17 and, if you find yourself in So Cal, go check ’em out.