Fish of Fury! Ninja Finshing is Unleashed on Android!

SAN JOSE, Calif – July 2, 2012 – Gamenauts today announced that their iOS phenomenon, Ninja Fishing, is bringing its ninja appetite to Android! With over 6 million players, Ninja Fishing is the #1 fishing game on the App Store and has been upgraded just in time for its Android debut. With multiple new worlds and fish on deck, Ninja Fishing finally sets sail for Google Play for free!

Android shinobi can now join Otoro, the outrageously overweight ninja, on his quests through the Tranquil Seas and shores of Dinosaur Island in his search for the perfect slice of sushi. Players must skillfully maneuver their hooks around fish and underwater mines by tilting their iOS devices. Once they’ve hooked some fish, Otoro throws them in the air, leading to the ultimate test of sword skill: can players slice the fish while avoiding the dynamite, ending their quest for Gold and sushi?

The newest version of Ninja Fishing makes this challenge even more enticing by challenging players to catch new, rare fish including the Giant Squid, the Megalodon, and the mythical 3 Headed Hydra.

Cast your hook into the water and discover why Ninja Fishing is the #1 fishing game on your phone! Otoro’s rumbling stomach awaits your prowess. Ninja Fishing is out now for free on Google Play and is coming soon to Amazon Kindle in Q3 2012!