Flakes – Movie Review

As a huge Zooey Deschanel fan, I make it a point to see whatever she is in. That was my basic reasoning for choosing this movie to watch, I did little to find out more about this movie prior to actually watching it. All I really knew was the premise of a sort of cafe down south that only serves cereal.

In this film, Zooey stars as Miss Pussy Katz, an odd girl (typical of many of the characters she portrays) who is dating the manager of Flakes, Neal Downs (Aaron Stanford), who is also a struggling musician. Christopher Lloyd plays the eccentric and somewhat out-of-it owner of the restaurant. He was perfectly cast. All is well until one day a young hotshot decides to open up a competiting Flakes-style cafe directly across the street.

The movie circles around the struggles of Neal trying to record his music while keeping Flakes and his relationship alive, plus the competition with the cafe across the street. It is a different kind of movie in a way, yet with the same sort of conflict we are all used to. The characters are all likable, and while there seem to be some temptations along the way for the story to have been bigger than it was, it remains focused on the music and the cereal and the lives of Neal and Pussy Katz.

This was a good movie. I didn’t feel the uncontrollable need to call anyone up and demand they see it, but if asked, I would certainly encourage it. I could perhaps, call it ‘delightful and charming’. It is certainly quirky and I did appreciate that; I by no means felt robbed as with some independent films.


Aaron Stanford … Neal Downs
Zooey Deschanel … Miss Pussy Katz
Christopher Lloyd … Willie
Keir O’Donnell … Stuart
Mark Krasnoff … Enrique
John McConnell … Ashton Hale
Ann Mahoney … Astrid

DVD Release 08 July 2008