Flocked Express Review: Marvel & Kidrobot Join Forces

MarvelMiniMUNNYSpiderMan4Inch_large_image2_40175 MarvelMiniMUNNYWolverine4Inch_large_image1_40163 MarvelMUNNYVenom7Inch_large_image1_40088This is such a good idea, not to mention freaking adorable!!! So Kidrobot has been selling vinyl toys for a while now and getting more and more into the whole custom Munny thing, but adding in licensed characters and including accessories and ideas on how to decorate your own superhero is really pretty cool. Yes, yes, I do see that this is just a money-making scheme, but what isn’t? Everyone wants their cut. How often, though, do you see an action figure or statue or something of a character you love, but maybe the artist took a liberty or two that doesn’t quite gel with you? Well now you are the artist and you can customize your favorite Marvel guys any way you like, they just provide the basic stuff to get started.

I just think it is a fun idea. And talk about brilliant marketing… yes, let’s market our neat vinyl toys to comic book fans: they like to buy toys and stuff. I think it is also cool to get someone like Marvel on board, just so long as that doesn’t mean Marvel will be the only game in town… hopefully Kidrobot has left the door open to DC, Dark Horse, Image, and various other lines of merchandising out there. It might even mean more Kidrobot products at comic book conventions, which my sister and I would just absolutely ADORE!!! I hope this is just the beginning of their branching out into more avenues of encouraging creativity through familiar characters… just so long as it doesn’t turn into the whore that the Lego brand has become.