Flocked Express Review: Zazzle Tote Bag

APG Studios Logo Tote – Budget Tote, Natural

These budget totes are awesome! I love the soft material and the natural fabric. It really has a nice look about it. Some totes are so stiff or scratchy, not that a tote bag has to be soft and cuddly, but I am a very tactile person and enjoy it when something is pleasant to the touch. Because of its flexibility, it rolls and folds up quite small to fit in my purse. It was great at a recent comic book convention. I could display my brand and carry my finds, and when not in use, it was in my purse taking up hardly any room.

The printing is perfect for this kind of bag, it is a little more mellow than my design is, but it gives it that great vintage look. It isn’t worn out or printed poorly, just a little faded to match the style of the bag. It really suits it and sets off the look of it. Plus the printing is just as soft as the bag, and still durable.