Four New DVDs Available From MVD

MVD is known by some as the best place to find obscure movies, crazy new horror releases and the best in music re-releases. I know MVD as the place where I find out about strange movies that I never knew existed. My husband always tells me I have bad taste in movies because of my love of bad horror flicks. Well, most of these “bad” movies come from MVD. Let me point out: these being “bad” is only one person’s opinion.



Dropping Evil

When camping and drugs leads to murder, you can be sure it will be an insane trip (pun intended). Think ‘Cabin in the Woods,’ but without the familiar faces, decent acting and major twist. Bloody, crazy and worth a watch if you find yourself a fan of bad movies, like me.






Bloody Christmas

Just in time for the holiday’s comes this movie about “The Bloodiest Christmas Story Ever Told.” Is this a movie about a killer Santa Claus? I guess you’d better watch it and see. I think this will make a great stocking stuffer gifts for those that love horror films and B movies. If you have anyone on your list that is hard to shop for, get them this little treat!





Mark of the Beast

Based on Rudyard Kipling’s tale, this movie brings horror to life. If you thought that the disease in ‘Cabin Fever’ was scary, you’ll surely be frightened of the leper in this movie. What would you do if you found a leper in the woods? Just hope your truck isn’t broke down!







Not a horror film, but still scary in my book. A love triangle turns bad, and who will get hurt? Come one, sometimes relationships are even scarier than scary movies. Don’t lie, you’ve had nightmares about some of your exes, we all have!